Being Positive

Hello World,

I recently read a short book called The Power of the Positive by Collen Archer. It has the potential to better your life by allowing you to embrace positivity on a different level.

Being positive is healthy and it promotes happiness by eliminating any mental barriers you have created for yourself. We are truly are our worst enemy because we allow ourselves to be influenced by commercials, people, and other things we encounter in our daily lives.

If you have an exam and tell yourself that that it will be impossible to pass, you already failed. That negative mindset would easily cause you to give up and lose interest. In this scenario, you will most likely fail. However, if you embrace positivity and tell yourself that you can succeed if you try to the best of your ability, you would perform significantly better than if you chose to believe that the exam was truly impossible.

Check the book out, you have nothing to lose. Be safe and be positive!


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